Elevation Hotel Management combines hands-on managerial oversight with developmental leadership. This approach allows us to maximize productivity and foster strong independent property staffs. We work in tandem with brand specific systems that enhance the property effectiveness and operational excellence. Our engagement with the property teams ensures brand standards are met and superior brand inspections are achieved.

Distressed Hotel Services

Elevation Hotel Management has extensive experience in operating hotels in distressed situations. We have assisted ownership groups with hotels that have overcome issues of previous fraudulent activity, unpaid taxes and severe aging and past due accounts payable. We can set up a tailored plan to help your property move forward and get on track. We work with the State, County, City and vendors to set up payment plans, communicate with your brand representative to work through issues. In addition, Elevation Hotel Management can manage your hotel throughout a sale, flag transition or closing process.


Revenue Management

Elevation believes that Revenue Management is an integral part of the success of our properties. A hotel room night is a perishable product. You cannot sell yesterday’s room night today. Our above property and onsite teams work with brand revenue management to anticipate and react to market forces before our competitors. Daily review of pricing, shifts in demand and specific segment strategies allow us to achieve superior RevPAR index performance.

Sales & Marketing

Sales is the combination of three factors: Knowledge of your product, knowledge of your market and building relationships. Elevation works with its property sales teams to ensure they master these factors and are leaders in their market. The corporate team works with the properties to facilitate innovative thinking to stay ahead of our competition. We maximize our marketing dollars by participating in brand related programs and campaigns that have proven return on investment. Our local marketing takes advantage of opportunities that identify particular results in room nights, food & beverage, or group sales.

Human Resources

Our team develops a climate where operational goals are achieved while balancing the needs and priorities of our most important resource, our employees. Our focus is simple, we make sure our team has the tools, training and motivation to provide exceptional customer service. We establish effective policies to treat employees with dignity and equality while maintaining company compliance with labor law and brand directives. We recruit and promote the most qualified people. We provide a competitive salary and benefit package while prescribing a safe, healthy and secure atmosphere.

Effective Human Resource Management is essential to the success of Elevation Hotel Management. Not only does this minimize litigation risk to hotel owners but treating people with dignity and respect is simply the right thing to do.

Finance and Accounting

Elevation provides centralized accounting services to ensure accurate and timely financial reporting. Services include but are not limited to complete Monthly Financial Statements, Accounts Payable, Cash Management, Budgets, Payroll, Owner Reporting, and Sales Use, Occupancy, Property Tax Assessment filings.


Our team of professionals work with investors, operators, and contractors to provide distinct market advantages. We can assist with aligning our clients with the right brand and offer decades of industry expertise in development, construction, sales, marketing, and other resources for your project. Additionally, we can provide Property Improvement Plan, Renovation management, and Ground Up New Construction services.

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